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A native Rochesterian and city resident by choice; I love the diversity and beauty our wonderful city offers. Capturing panoramic images of some of the iconic Rochester architecture and street scenes provides its own satisfaction. This exhibit features some of the scenes that, to my mind, make Rochester unique. These panoramic images are all shown in a 1x3 format; because of their high resolution (most made by blending and stitching together 15 to 30 individual frames) these images are suitable for large size prints. The exhibit images are printed using high temperature and pressure in a special process infusing the inks directly into specially coated highly polished aluminum sheets. These prints take on a bright, vibrant, luminescent quality when printed on this durable, waterproof surface.
These 18 prints will be featured in a solo exhibit at the Link Gallery in Rochester's City Hall from June 28 through August 1st, 2016. It is my hope that you enjoy these images celebrating our Image City.
The exhibit prints are all 10" x 30" metal prints and come ready to hang. Prints are reasonably priced at $160 and can be ordered by contacting me via email at
Offered in Peace,
Frank Liberti
B&L Building Pano 15x45-E2.jpgCarousel 15x45 IMG_4025_30-E3.jpgCenter at High Falls-Brown's Race 20x60.jpgCharlotte Bath House pano 10x30 .jpgCivic Center Pano 2 18 x 54 .jpgEastman Museum East Garden Pano 1 PS 25x75.jpgEastman Place Pano 15x45 PS-E.jpgFreddy Sue pano 2 PS 18x54-E.jpgFreddy-Sue Pre-Dawn 12x36 VQ2A4362_8-E.jpgGenesse Brew Pub over High Fall, Rochester, NY 18x54.jpgMAG Pano 2 HDR 14x42 script.jpgSculpture Garden Pano 2 PS 10x30 .jpgSouth Wedge @ Gregory pano 2 HDR 20x60.jpgSpiderman on Main St. pano HDR 10x30 2 .jpgSt. Mary's Garden pano 17x51-E.jpgSubway pano HDR 18x54-E.jpgVillage Gate Pano 25 x75 300ppi.jpgWarner Castle sunken garden pano 1 HDR 20x60.jpg

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