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Being outdoors camera in hand enhances my focus for appreciating nature's beauty. Quiet pre-dawn moments, mid-day shade stops, or waiting for sunset's glorious display provide contemplative moments to be present to earth's splendor. Nature photography requires one to have a strong technical understanding of their equipment and techniques that, based on years of trial, error and repetition, become routine. Technical facility firmly practiced frees the photographer to tap into the spiritual connection of being present to nature’s displays. Capturing images allows one to later recall and share those experiences; experiences that in many ways are ineffable and can best be shared through emotive, non-verbal communication.

Each season provides unique gifts for a nature photographer. Western New York State with its four distinct seasons enjoys a diversity of climate, topography and landscapes that would truly be surprising for those who have not experienced this area. The State's Finger Lakes Region with its rolling hills and vineyards coupled with Northern New York's Adirondack Mountains present some of the world's best autumn displays. Letchworth State Park, eastern compliment to the Grand Canyon, albeit on a smaller scale, is marvelous in all seasons.

Late winter visits to the American Southwest provide opportunity to witness the majesty of this unique desert landscape where natural forces have been at work for millennia carving the sedimentary rock into otherworldly shapes. The beauty of this unique landscape compels one to return time and again visiting new areas and combining return visits to others. National Parks along with designated Native American historic and scenic areas are available for the enjoyment of all.

I hope that viewers of my images, each in their own way, find a connection to that quiet, unspoken sense of awe and beauty that nature so abundantly provides.


Reasonably priced prints are available, please contact me through the email link in the contact section for quotes.  I prefer to oversee the printing of these images so you can be assured your print is done using the highest quality archival ink and paper.  Prints are also available on polished aluminum with the dyes infused directly onto the metal creating a durable finish or printed directly onto glass - both options give these prints a light reflective brilliance that really makes the images stand out.

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Frank Liberti

Frank Liberti