Frank Liberti Photography | Old Subway Bed -Bridge under a Bridge over a River
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These images are from the old subway bed under the Broad St. bridge that traverses the Genesee River in downtown Rochester, NY.
This bridge section is actually built on top of an original early 19th century Erie Canal aqueduct that allowed canal boats to float above and cross the river about 15' above it.
During this time the canal ditch ran right through downtown Rochester occupying what is now Broad St. When the canal was relocated south of the city center this section of the canal fell out of use and Broad St. was created atop of the shallow canal ditch.
In the early 20th century a subway line utilized the now underground channel until it too became defunct in the 1950s.
The abandoned section of the subway bed under the Broad St. bridge has most recently presented a palette for graffiti artists.
Subway pano HDR 18x54-E.tifPath leading underground to the old subway bed IMG_1847.jpgA 1906 view of the Erie Canal Aqueduct over the Genesee River 15x45.jpgView of the Broad St. Bridge and Aqeduct IMG_1853.jpgView of the subway bed from the BC/BS Arena riverside plaza IMG_1856.jpgSubway 1 VQ2A4804-10-E.tifSubway 2 VQ2A4853_9-E.tifSubway with Orange Jeep VQ2A4870_6-E.tifSubway Orange Jeep 2 VQ2A4877_83-E.tifSubway Drew's Toy VQ2A4884_90-E.tifSubway- Three Jeeps VQ2A4891_7-E2.tif

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